Looking for Top & Best Apps like Flipagram without Watermark? Apps Like Flipagram? Flipagram Alternatives? Then this post will help you with it!

Among the social networks these days Flipagram is a most popular photo and video sharing app. this app is known for its uniqueness and the feature of this app makes it popular. The app has inbuilt tools to edit your photos, create videos with your photos and even you can add a sound to your photos video created with the app and then post it.

Today we have decided to share with you the most popular that are similar and alternatives to Flipagram and these apps have their own uniqueness and features that attract everyone to try those.

Top 10 Apps like Flipagram without Watermark - Flipagram Alternative
Top 10 Apps like Flipagram without Watermark – Flipagram Alternative

Apps like Flipagram without Watermark


The name is already known to you. This is the most popular and most used photo and video sharing app. The app owned by Facebook has millions of daily users and active users. The app has an inbuilt camera to click a shot and features to edit it and also had the feature to add music to it and then post it.

Similar to all the photo and video sharing apps this app also has the same interface But includes some more features other than the other sharing apps. The best and unique feature is to comment on the photos posted by your followers and tag your friends in the comments and in the photos.


Flickr is another app to share your photos and videos. The app is owned by Yahoo. Basically, Flickr is a photo sharing app and you can find millions of photos on Flickr. Best thing is that your photo will be available publically until you give the permissions to Flickr and it remains private to you until the permissions are granted. You will have almost 100GB of space for uploading the photos.

This app best suits for photographers who wanted to share their shots with the rest of the world. This app has millions of users will make your shot available to all.


This app is similar to Flipagram and this also had many users. The uniqueness of this app is that anything you post will be deleted after 24 hours and is available only for 24 hours for others to view. The app similar to all other apps has a camera to shot and you can select a bunch of photos and make a video and even add a music to the video. Yeah, its one of the best Apps like Flipagram without Watermark.

Slideshow Maker

The name itself tells about the app. This is a photo sharing app and the photos are shared in the form of a slideshow. You can select a bunch of photos and create a cool slideshow of the photos. This app is not a sharing app and you cannot share in the app. You can only create slideshows using the app and there is no space for the app separately to share the created slideshows but you can share with other apps and also save to the storage. Once the editing is done sharing the create a slideshow with other photo sharing apps or on Facebook and etc.


Yeah!. This needs no introduction. This has become a trend in recent days to create a dubsmash and share them on the social networks and even it becomes an art. The app basically has an inbuilt music and dialogues library and you just need to perform the action to the dialogue and song and capture those and share them on social networks and your friends.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is initially a photo editing and creating the app. This has become the most popular photo editing app because of its features and customizations. The professional editing tools that are available in the app made this used for all types of editing. The clipart of almost around 1000+ had become the most used and loved the feature of the app.

One thing that we regret using the app is that this app does not have video editing feature and you cannot create or edit a video with this app but the app is best suits for photo editing.

Photo Grid – Collage Maker & FX Editor 

The name tells everything about the features of the app. The apps main feature is grid creation. To be exact it is a collage creation app best suits for all types of collages. You just select a bunch of photos and using the inbuilt features create different types of collages. Edit the collages using the inbuilt features that are available in the app and after the editing is done share the created one on other social networks or save on your storage.


This app is somewhat different from all the apps that we mentioned till now. This app is completely unique in terms of features and the sharing type. In this app, you can just create an album and you can’t edit the photos or videos. other can see the photos only with the app. Others can also add photos to the album.


This is not for photos. This is only for videos and completely dedicated to videos. One thing you need to do is to shoot the video and leave the rest to the app. With the advanced tools that are available in the app, The app will add beautiful features to your video and make a stunning video that you can save and share on other social networks. There is also a community that belongs to Triller where you can share the created videos and you can view videos shared by others.

Final Words

The above apps are the apps that are similar to Flipagram and these are the Apps like Flipagram without Watermark. Each of the above apps has there own advantages and disadvantages. Give these apps a try and let us know your experience in the comments below. And also if you think any of the mobile apps are missing in the list let us know in the comments below!

Do share your favourite Flipagram Alternatives from this list above! Cheers!